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Top 20 Most Important Questions For class 12th

Top 20 Most important Questions For class 12th

Top 20 Most important Questions For class 12th.

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In this article we will provide you most most important questions for you because we know what students want in these days so,we are providing lots of information regarding 12th class.Hope you like these questions and you will write down these questions because these questions are very important for 12th students.Because these questions are comming  in exams every year  and these questions are will help you in your studies.we have recommended you these questions.Read these questions carefully and keep it in your mind these questions are very important.


1:-Definition of Megasporogenesis.

2:- Structure And Development of Another (Male Gametophytes)

3:- Difference between Syngamy And Xenogamy.

4:- Discuss In Detail Mendalian Laws.
     • Law Of Segregation.
     •Law of independent Assortment.

5:- Explain Briefly Disadvantages of Solid Wastes.

6:- Explain Briefly.
   • Green House Effect.
    •Ozone layer Depletion.

7:-What do you mean by Hybridization.

8:-Explain Briefly. 
  •Cross pollination.
  •Name some Pollinating Agents.
9:-Difference Between.
    •Biomagnification And Eutrophication.

JKBOSE Model Papers 2023 12th Class
Serial No. Class View
1 12th Accountancy
2 12th Applied Math
3 12th Arabic
4 12th Bhoti
5 12th Bio Chemistry
6 12th Biotechnology
7 12th Botany
8 12th Budhist Studies
9 12th Business Mathematics
10 12th Business Studies
11 12th Chemistry
12 12th Clothing for Family
13 12th Computer Science
14 12th Dogri
15 12th Economics
16 12th Entrepreneurship
17 12th Education
18 12th Electronics
19 12th English Literature
20 12th EVS
21 12th Extension Education
22 12th Functional English
23 12th General English
24 12th Geography

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