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Kashmir University Declared Most Important Results

On 26th May 2023, Kashmir University released the results for several examinations held in recent months. Students who had been eagerly awaiting their results can now access them through the official website. The university has announced the results for various programs, including Post Graduate Diploma in Hindi (PGDHI), B.Sc Nursing (Honours), B.A LLB, and B.tech. Let’s delve into the details of each program and explore the outcomes.


Kashmir university Declared Most Important Results
  1. PGDHI (Post Graduate Diploma in Hindi) Examination held in April-May, 2023 (PG Non-Professional):
    The results for the PGDHI examination conducted in April-May 2023 have been declared. Students who appeared for this program can check their results on the university’s website. The PGDHI course focuses on Hindi language and literature, providing students with comprehensive knowledge and skills in the field. The results are now available for viewing.
  2. B.Sc Nursing (Honours) 4th year examination of Feb-March, 2023 (UG Professional):
    For students pursuing the B.Sc Nursing (Honours) program, the university has announced the results for the 4th year examination held in February-March 2023. This program equips students with the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge to excel in the nursing profession. Aspiring nurses can now check their results to assess their performance in the examination.
  3. B.A LLB 9th Semester supplementary Batch 2016 & Mercy Batch 2009-2013 (UG Professional):
    The university has also released the results for the B.A LLB program’s 9th semester supplementary batch for 2016 and the mercy batch spanning from 2009 to 2013. This program offers a comprehensive understanding of law and its various dimensions. Students who appeared for this examination can now view their results to gauge their performance in the semester.
  4. Not No.15.BG 2nd Sem Examination Regular Batch 2021 & Backlog Batches 2016-20 held in May-June 2022 (UG Non-Professional):
    The results for the 2nd semester examination of the regular batch from 2021 and the backlog batches from 2016 to 2020 have been declared. Students enrolled in this UG Non-Professional program can now check their results. This course encompasses various non-professional disciplines, providing students with a broad academic foundation.
  5. Notification No.9 (Re-evaluation) B.tech 2nd Semester held in February-March 2022:
    The university has issued a notification regarding the re-evaluation results for the B.tech program’s 2nd semester examination conducted in February-March 2022. Students who applied for re-evaluation can now access their revised results. The university aims to ensure fairness and accuracy in the evaluation process.


Students are advised to visit the official Kashmir University website and follow the instructions to access their results. It is crucial to enter the correct details to obtain accurate information. In case of any discrepancy or clarification required, students should reach out to the university administration for assistance.

The release of results marks a significant milestone for students who have dedicated their time and efforts to their academic pursuits. It is an opportunity for self-reflection and growth, irrespective of the outcome. The university encourages students to analyze their performance and identify areas of improvement, regardless of their scores.

Kashmir University remains committed to providing quality education and fostering academic excellence. The declaration of results is a testament to the university’s dedication to the students’ holistic development. It is hoped that the results will inspire students to continue their educational journey with enthusiasm and determination.

Kashmir University Declared Most Important Results

26-May-2023PGDHI (Post Graduate Diploma in Hindi)Check Here
25-May-2023B.Sc Nursing (Honours) 4th yearCheck Here
25-May-2023B.A LLB 9th SemesterCheck Here
24-May-2023BG 2nd Semester Batch 2021Check Here
24-May-2023B.tech 2nd Semester (Re-evaluation)Check Here

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